Newest Karaoke Songs for Led Zeppelin

Title Artist Brand Date Type
Since I've Been Loving You (Live) Led Zeppelin Stingray Karaoke April 23rd, 2024 New Song
Stairway To Heaven (Reversed With Satanic Messages) Led Zeppelin NickyDee Karaoke October 31st, 2023 New Song
Whole Lotta Love Acoustic Led Zeppelin Reliable Karaoke September 3rd, 2023 New Song
The Battle Of Evermore (Duet) Led Zeppelin ObsKure Karaoke June 16th, 2022 New Song
That's The Way Led Zeppelin Keep The Best Alive May 21st, 2022 New Song
You Don't Have To Go Led Zeppelin Keep The Best Alive August 23rd, 2021 New Song